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Friday 13th Jan, 6-8pm
Performance by Jeremiah Day

Saturday 14th Jan, 4-7pm
Presentations & discussions
Narrative and narrative discourse are firmly established aspects of contemporary visual art – do those working today draw upon the tradition of artist’s writings, or are they a kind of artist-scholar? Perhaps they are establishing new forms?

Rather than a conference, this two-day event will take the shape of a public peer discussion amongst working artists & writers, in a public and plural experimental form, a kind of discursive class, or public seminar. With the goal not of disseminating existing knowledge, but rather producing it, we will take up the principle that the ‘Academy’ is itself an organ of public life, with Newcastle University staff like Nadia Hebson, Fiona Anderson and Paul Becker, and visiting scholar Jeremiah Day gathering in dialogue with students in, around and amongst the unique community of working artists in the centre of Newcastle. The event will also incorporate a guest artist, Kathryn Elkin as well as respondents Alisa Margolis and Anna Barham. The event will be prefaced with a performance by Jeremiah Day.

The connection between art and text will be explored through various lenses and exemplary practices, leading to broader reflections on strategy, methodologies and modes of production. Somewhere between ‘shop-talk’ and ‘peer review,’ we will aim to develop new insights, and take that aim as a kind of civic engagement, starting first of all with our own community.
Fiona Anderson is a writer and scholar. Her research is concerned with art and queer culture from the 1960s to the 1990s, with a particular focus on the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Anna Barham’s work centres on forms of writing using self-prescribed rules and processes that explore how a subject - both in the sense of subject matter, and a subjective voice - can emerge through language. Her most recent work uses the slippages within voice recognition software as a generative principle. Anna will appear as a respondent.

Paul Becker is an artist and a writer. His work occupies a space between these two (almost) independent lines of work: some form of literary fiction and painting.

Jeremiah Day’s research based projects take up language as part of narrative (in words, movement, picture), and narrative as part of personal realism at the edge of private experience and the public realm.

Kathryn Elkin works in performance, video and writing. She has an ongoing interest in shared cultural memory (as produced by popular music, television and cinema). The work relies on methods of embodiment through translation/transcription of speech. Role-playing and on-set clowning are common motifs.

Nadia Hebson’s paintings and constellations of objects are themselves a form of scholarship, and her production of texts moves parallel to the embodied form of knowledge she produces.

Alisa Margolis is a Berlin-based painter exploring the contemporary experience of the sublime. In her teaching and publications she works with text as a mode of oblique framing. Margolis will appear as a respondent.
The event is supported by Newcastle University & The Northern Charter and everyone is welcome

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